The Flip Flop charcoal grill is engineered to cook exceptional food and provide years of trouble-free service. We take great care to achieve these results with our grill. We appreciate the flip flop grill testimonials people share about using our charcoal grill.

The Flip Flop charcoal grill makes the best chicken I’ve ever tasted… and it’s so easy! Flip. Flop. Done.

Glen Larson
Albert Lea, MN

With the Flip Flop Grill, everything I cook turns out perfect! As long as you only use one layer of charcoal and periodically flip it, you are guaranteed a great meal. The Flip Flop Grill has that charcoal flavor I love, and it’s always moist and juicy. Best of all, it’s easy to clean. After it cools, I just stick the pieces right in the dishwasher!

Kristina Miley
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

The Flip Flop Grill is the best charcoal grill I’ve ever owned. The grill is compact and easy to use, making it great for camping and picnics.

Emily Matchey
Eau Claire, Wisconsin