The Flip Flop charcoal grill is custom designed for cooking exceptional chicken. Follow these helpful hints, and you will get outstanding flip flop food results from your charcoal grill.

Charcoal Placement

One layer of charcoal is sufficient to properly cook a full bbq flip grill. Place the charcoal against one corner of the grill arranged in a tapered pile. Light the charcoal using only a commercially available starter fluid. Once the charcoal is mostly white, carefully spread it evenly across the bottom of the grill using a small shovel or wooden board in order to avoid the heat.

Flip Flop Grill with Charcoal

Placing Food on the Grill

The lower grill has two welded tabs and two rotating tabs. The upper grill has matching notches. With the two grills laying flat and open, slide the smooth longer end of the upper grill into the desired hole in the welded tab of the lower grill. (Lower holes are recommended for hot dogs, brats, hamburger, etc. and upper holes for chicken and thicker meats.) Place your food on the lower grill and sandwich the food by folding the upper grill over. For successful chicken flip, properly weight the grill toward the rods that extend out of the grills. Slide the locking tab over the ends of the upper grill to secure the food. Place the grill into the notches of the assembled grill side panels. Periodically flip the grill.

Flip Flop Grill with Latch

Warning: Never use grill indoors, as the toxic fumes may accumulate and cause death. Never touch the grill without proper protection during use, as it may cause severe burns. Never use gasoline, alcohol, or other highly combustible fluids to ignite the charcoal, since they can explode.